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I Apologise in Advance

An apology can be many different things. An offhand remark after you’ve bumped into someone on the street, a genuine and heartfelt declaration of regret, or a word you say to stop someone being annoyed with you.

Knotweed – Knot A Laughing Matter

The mere mention of Japanese Knotweed is enough to strike fear into the hearts of property owners throughout the UK.

A Brief History Of Paradise Square

Those of you who have visited our offices in Paradise Square will surely have noticed the beautiful Georgian architecture in this hidden part of the city.

International Divorce Q&A

Here we discuss some common questions concerning divorce and financial separation where there is an overseas element to the proceedings.

Scam Alert

With everything that has been going in the world recently you could be forgiven for having missed the news about the unprecedented levels of cyber-attacks


“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place” – a quote credited to George Bernard Shaw.

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