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At LFBB Solicitors

Our Purpose, Direction and Focus

We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality service giving them the peace of mind they seek.

To do this we must:

  • Always provide our services within a professional, approachable and caring environment.
  • Provide an exceptional work environment where distinctive enthusiastic people become team members who are proud to be part of our business.
  • Provide all team members with the opportunity to learn new skills or develop existing skills whether directly or indirectly connected to their work.
  • Give all team members the opportunity for increased responsibility.
  • Allow owners and team members to experience an enjoyable and flexible working relationship and maintain a lifestyle that balances work with recreation and family.
  • Give business owners and team members the opportunity to work with clients who value our skills and culture.
  • Create a business that is sustainable beyond its present team.

We will be acknowledged as being both successful and significant.

If you have a concern or a complaint that has not been dealt with to your satisfaction by the person handling your case or their supervising partner, please contact us as soon as you are aware of the problem. Our Compliance Office for Legal Practice is our Managing Partner Rich Francis

LFBB has a policy on paying an amount in lieu of interest to clients where the firm holds money in a general client account on their behalf in the course of providing legal services.


Data protection

As an essential part of our business, we collect and manage client and non-client data.  We are are committed to protecting and respecting clients’ and non-clients’ privacy and rights.  In order that you understand how we work, we have developed a Privacy Notice which sets out the ways we collect, manage, process, store and share information about you. The Privacy Notice also provides you with information about how you can have control over the use of your data

How can we help you?

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