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Anyone over 18 ought to make a will. If you die without a will you are said to have died intestate. This means your estate (that is, your personal belongings, property, savings etc.) goes to people prescribed by parliament rather than people you choose. Even if parliament’s choice of heir(s) is the same as yours, the lack of a will can significantly add to the time and expense involved in distributing your estate, causing disruption and anxiety for your loved ones at a very stressful time in their lives.

So, don’t leave it any longer, ask Lewis Francis Blackburn Bray to help.

Our basic Charges for making a Will are as follows:

Simple Will                           £225 plus VAT (£270)

Mirror Wills                          £325plus VAT (£390)

Property Trust Wills            £500 to £600 Plus VAT (£600 to £720)

In certain (somewhat more complicated) circumstances it may be more appropriate for us to charge on an alternative basis.  The fee is then based on us charging an hourly rate which is currently £225 per hour plus VAT.

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